Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tough Pill to Swallow

The other night my husband and I were out walking our 3 dogs along the railroad tracks.

Abbie, Benny, and Chloe were walking along in front of us when all of a sudden I noticed Abbie had something in her mouth that she must have picked up as she was walking along. I immediately pulled her close and opened her mouth to see what she was chewing on. When I opened her jaws all I saw was a skinny bird leg sticking out from the black abyss of her throat. I started yelling, "No, Nooo, NOOOO!" while she continued attempting to swallow this mangled part of a bird body. In her attempts of swallowing it she bit off one of the feet and I watched as the claw fell to the ground. I think I was still in disgusted shock when my husband kicked it in to action and thrust his finger down her throat causing her to spit it out.

Out popped a rounded part of a bird body with one lone leg sticking out of it. I thought I was going to be sick. My husband threw the bird leg off to the side but apparently it wasn't far enough out of the way as Chloe thought she'd give it a try and picked it up and attempted to swallow it. I just stood there and watched in horror as this little bird leg stuck out of her mouth as she chomped down on it. She was next in line to receive a finger down the throat causing her to spit it out. This time my husband threw the bird leg farther off. After watching Abbie and Chloe struggle with a finger down their throat I think Benny knew better than to even try and attempt picking the bird leg up. Learning by example. LOL!

Just thinking about the bird leg sticking up out of the back of Abbie's throat makes my stomach squirm. I told my husband I would have kicked into action had he not been there.

Thank goodness he was there!

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