Saturday, May 2, 2009

Belt Stop

The other night my dad and I were going on a bike ride and after about the first mile or so I noticed something peculiar about my dads belt. I was riding just a tad behind him and as I got closer I noticed that there was gold writing on his black belt. His belt was flipped inside out and the gold lettered sizing, etc. was staring out at the public for all to see! As we were peddling along I burst into laughter and told him there was something wrong with his belt. He pulled off to the side near a business driveway and quickly took a look to see what I was talking about. As he looked down and saw his belt flipped inside out a sheepish grin broke out across his face and I started laughing all over again. All he could say was, "No wonder it was hard to buckle." Pahhh, I can only imagine! (Guess that's what happens when you change in the dark.) Funn-nay! Maybe next time he'll turn a light on. Just thinking about my dad walking around in public with his belt flipped inside out makes me laugh, because if I could tell, I know others would be able to tell as well!

As cars were lining up on the driveway he didn't want to stop there to take off his belt so we moved on a little farther until we reached the bus stop up ahead. We pulled off to the side so Dad could do the switcharoo with his belt and while he was doing that his phone fell to the ground. I leaned down behind him with my go-go-gadget arms to pick up his phone. With his belt off and me leaning down behind him, I can only imagine what people passing by might have thought. Hilarious indeed!

It's the simple things that make kids laugh at their parents. Good times!

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