Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dining Experience

Dining out with my brother is always an experience. It was no different this evening.

My brother and I decided to go to In-N-Out for dinner. A scrumptious hamburger sounded like it would hit the spot! As we were in the drive thru line my brother asked if I wanted to eat in the car and I said sure. So it was prepared curbside and once we got our food we parked the car at the outskirts of the lot.

Away we went, chowing down on all the goodness before us. We were having a good time enjoying our food and chatting with each other with an occasional laugh thrown in every now and then when I just so happened to glance over at my brother. I nearly lost it in laughter when I saw what I saw. He was holding his little tray of fries directly up to his face and was letting the remaining fries practically slide right into his mouth. It was his lips that had me dumbfounded! Never in my life have I seen his lips come out off of his face like that! He looked like a duck with a bill! I couldn't contain my amused laughter and practically exploded with giggles. His lips were on vacuum mode and I had the hilarious privilege of seeing that. I informed him that I was going to start calling him "Duckbill"---"DB" for short. Unforgettable. :)

Then after he was done with his fries he started complaining that his lips were so dry from all the salt. He looked over at me and asked if I had any chapstick he could use. I couldn't help but laugh as I said, "Ummmm, no............" I wasn't too keen on those lips using my chapstick, but mainly because he'd have to use the whole tube just to hydrate the salt-chapped lips. Pahhhh! I should have pulled out my cherry colored lip gloss. Would've loved to see him use that. Mmm-hmmm!

As the chapstick was a no-go he went to the next best option. Dipping his lips in his ice tea. Poor guy had to ice down his lips to ease the burn.

Good times!

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