Thursday, April 30, 2009

Roach Determinator

This morning I was heating up some soup and biscuits for breakfast (I know........I love leftovers. What can I say?!) and I noticed that my dog Chloe was staring intently at something. I watched as her eyes were glued to the carpet, right next to the step in the living room. From my vantage point I couldn't see a thing so I cautiously crept up behind her, hoping not to scare away whatever it was she had found. As I got closer I half held my breath, as though going on stealth mode would make a difference in this situation, and I expected to either see a scorpion or a roach. At first I didn't see anything but after a closer look I found the culprit of my dogs attention. A red roach. I immediately went into "GO" mode and told Chloe to sit and stay while I ran off for a shoe. I grabbed the closest one I could find (don't tell my brother) and came back to find Chloe guarding the spot where I left her.

As I went in for the kill, Chloe was close by watching the whole ordeal. I picked up the shoe to see the damage done and OUT ran that little roach! He took off running directly for Chloe and just at that exact moment she decided to lay down. That dumb little roach took off under her leg and I know a look of panic and frustration flitted across my face. That roach was crawling on my dog somewhere! SICK! I immediately grabbed Chloe by the scruff of the neck and hauled her up. OUT came that dirty little roach from his hiding spot as he took off running across the carpet. Well, he didn't make it far. I slapped that shoe on him so fast and knocked him senseless. As I turned around, Chloe was just standing there watching me with an amused look on her face while Abbie came up from behind to see what all the commotion was about.

Chloe is going to be my little roach determinator, LOL!

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