Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweating Bullets

I came home feeling as though I had robbed a bank today.

I visited a favorite antique store in Kansas and found a 1959 kitchen plate that I really wanted to hang in my kitchen. It had something written on it like "This kitchen is ruled with a rolling pin, if you doubt it just start something..." Pretty funny I thought. When I picked it up I noticed there was a price tag on the front as well as the back but they were different in price. One was $7.89 and the other $24.25. I walked up to the front desk to get some clarification on which price stood.

The man and woman behind the counter both looked it over and then the man told me that the 7.89 was just the booth number it came from. The dollar sign in front of the 7.89 was minute but I could still make it out, however I kept my disagreement to myself. I put the plate back on the shelf and continued walking around the store with the plate hanging over my head. I couldn't let it go. After awhile I picked the plate up once more and walked to the front desk.

I am not a person that bickers or questions prices. I normally take it or leave it but I knew the $7.89 was a price, not a booth number. I walked up nervously to the front desk, anxiously awaiting a reprimand for daring to question the employees knowledge of antiques and prices. I felt like I was sweating bullets and all lights pointed on me while I explained to her that no other item in that booth had the number 7.89 and that every piece had #90905 written on it. She pulled out her magnifying glass and took a closer look. She then stated that it did indeed look like a $ sign and she'd sell it for that price. Phew.

No reprimand, no dirty looks, but boy did I feel like I was getting away with a steal. I had a few other items I wanted to purchase but after going through the anxiety of defending my reasoning I wanted to bolt as soon as I'd bought the plate. I zipped out the door and jumped in the car without looking back. I called my sister up and told her I felt like I had just robbed a bank. I was so nervous and felt like I'd stolen something.

I'd gotten away with a steal and lived to tell the tale. If I go back for the other few items I was looking at I think I'll go in disguise.

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Diane said...

LOL! Boy, can I relate!