Monday, May 16, 2011

What A Hoot

Out by the railroad tracks there are a group of burrowing owls that have staked a claim on a prime piece of real estate......a corner of chopped up cement. For the past five months I have taken my three dogs out nearby this area to make use of the twig pile which they like to use as their bathroom. I keep the dogs in line and give the owls their respected space while we are out there, not wanting to disrupt the owls.

As I took the dogs out for our usual afternoon outing we were coming around the end of the twig pile that sits closest to the owls domain in the broken cement when all three of my dogs noses went straight in the air. I could see their noses working overtime as they sniffed the air. I saw an owl sitting on a pipe jutting out and figured that was what the dogs were smelling. I thought it of no consequence as the dogs have seen their share of owls out there.

Just as I was reeling the dogs in closer to me I heard this horrid screeching and looked up in time to see a second owl appear closer to us as he hissed and growled at us. I've never heard those birds do anything of the kind and for a moment I feared the bird was going to take flight and claw my face. I could not imagine what we had done to provoke such a response from that bird but I wasn't about to stick around. We hightailed it out of there leaving plenty of room between us and the owls.

Such audacity!

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