Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My New Whistle

I have been suffering from a terrible cold over the past week and let me assure you it has been no kind of fun. The Kleenex have been flying to the left and right and my nose could give Rudolph some serious competition.

My husband has put up with me rather well through all of the nose blowing, coughing, clearing of the throat, and pill popping at night. I'll admit, I sound more like a foghorn at times rather than a gentle rustling breeze when I blow my nose and although he has made a few comments about my nose while I've been sick there are times I just can't help but laugh at his antics.

Last night he gave me one more reason to laugh. We were lying in bed and I decided I had better blow my nose one more time before turning out the lights. I did so and as I leaned back into my pillows, taking comfort in the fact that it was finally time to let my body rest, I let out a contented sigh. However, that was not all that came out. Due to the stuffy nose I've been battling in order to at least breathe comfortably I forced the air from my lungs to plunder through my nose and out came a slight whistle of air. I figured I was the only one who had heard my nose whistle but it wasn't to be.

My husband rolled over from his side of the bed where he had been petting the dogs and with an ornery grin on his face said, "You're going to have the dogs going crazy if you keep that whistle up. They're gonna think you have a dog whistle."

Oh I was rolling in laughter! What tune shall I whistle out tonight........? LOL!

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