Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Broke Back

Ever since I was a little kid I've picked up change lying on the ground. I suppose I've just got a knack for finding change. Little did I know that one day the act of picking up change could be hazardous to my health.

We spent the weekend at Disneyland and I'll admit I found my fair share of change over our 3 day stay there. However, on the first day at Disneyland we left the park late in the afternoon so we could check into our hotel. My feet were tired from walking all day but I gathered up my belongings from the car and prepared to trudge up to the 3rd floor where our room was located. I was loaded down with a duffle bag, my purse and a 24 pack of water as I made my way across the hotel parking lot. I was shuffling across the lot when I saw a dime lying on the ground directly in front of me. In the back of my mind I knew I should have kept my momentum up and continued on my trek towards the elevator but my mind was determined to pick it up despite my heavy load. I bent down to pick it up thinking it would be an easy snag but my legs had something different to say. Little did I know that one move was going to bring me to my knees!

After walking around Disneyland all day my legs were in much need of a rest and I hardly had the strength to push myself back up on my feet............especially with the shifting weight of my load I was carrying. They crumbled underneath me, so there I sat crouched in the middle of the parking lot, dime in hand. I tried to pull myself together and muster up enough strength to stand up. You should have seen my legs wobble. It felt like all the muscles in my legs and back were trembling. LOL!

I was laughing hysterically at the thought of what I must have looked like. I couldn't suppress the giggles and laughed myself the rest of the way across the parking lot, up the elevator, down the hall and into our room. I can only imagine what I must have looked like.

Talk about broke back. HA!

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