Saturday, May 22, 2010


I was out shopping with my mom and sister today when I happened to glance out my passenger side window. Now for those of you who don't know me here's a little tidbit of info: I am quite the car aficionado. I can spout off most makes and models with just a glimpse of the vehicle.

Anywho, as I looked out my window I noticed a truck driving beside us in the next lane over and I recognized it as a Chevy Avalanche. (At least that's what it looked to be.) The truck was much lower to the ground and when I glanced down at the name of the vehicle on the drivers door it looked like it said "RVlanche". I looked at my sister with a look of shock on my face and told her how I couldn't believe Chevy made a similar model to their Avalanche and called it an RVlanche. Never had I heard such a goofy thing.

After I filled my mom and sister in on how preposterous this name change was I quickly looked out my window for a second look. I started to say, "I mean look at that. It says RVa.........." and the rest of the words got caught in my throat. I realized it wasn't an "R" that was starting off the name of the truck but an "A".

In my defense I'd just like to say that Chevy's "A" looks very similar to a letter "R" and I thought they had made some major spoof off of one of their models. LOL!

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