Monday, April 16, 2012

Victory by Defeat

For any of you who have not traveled in Salt Lake City, UT before it can be rather confusing to one who is not used to their system of naming roads by numbers. You'll find there's a 900 West, 900 East, 900 South, 900 North and so on with all other numbers.

I went looking for the nearest Salvation Army today located at 3460 South 5600 West only to find that it was closed down and that further dropoffs needed to be taken to 5448 South 900 East. Without glancing at a map or using Google I decided I would try and find the new location on my own. Amazingly enough I finally arrived at the location where the Salvation Army should have been. After driving by once I didn't see it and pulled a quick U-turn to look again. I pulled into the parking lot to look closer at the names of the stores and it's no wonder I didn't see the store name from the road. The sign for the Salvation Army store said "THE---STORE" in big bold letters with an itty-bitty Salvation Army shield in between the words that was no bigger than the size of my face. Could they have found a smaller logo?

Needless to say, I felt victorious in the fact that I had found the store with my navigating skills. However, my victory was short lived when I learned the doors to the store were locked. Apparently they're closed on Mondays.

Just my luck. Victory followed by defeat. I tried not to cry as I walked back to my car.

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