Monday, January 30, 2012

Those Ones

This Arizona girl has been living in Mississippi for about six months now. I personally don't think I talk with an accent, I mean, be honest with me folks. Do I? I always thought I talked rather normal. Once in awhile I come across someone out here in the south that has that Mississippi drawl and I know I don't talk like that.

On one occasion I was told that my voice was too cultured to be from these parts. Made me laugh but it made me realize that the Mississippi locals hear something in my voice that I don't. While I was at work last week one of my co-workers brought to my attention that I say "those ones" and they thought it was funny enough to tease me about it. Then today I was working on selling a pair of boots to some men and I pointed at the boots and asked if "those ones" were a good fit. The older of the two immediately said, "Those ones? You must not be from around here. Where you from?"

What is the deal? Do people not use the words "those ones" in these parts? I'd sure like to know what they DO substitute for those words. I'm confused. Pahhhh!


Lisa Messner said...

Nope! We don't say "those ones". I've personally never heard that comment before. We usually say "do those fit?" Must be an Arizona saying! We certainly have lots of our own sayings, at least here in AL, and I'm sure they do in MS too, but that's not one I'm familiar with...ha!

Judith Anne said...

Maybe my voice isn't as cultured as I think....LOL! I use phrases such as "do those fit" and "are these going to work" and such, but I never thought putting "those ones" together in one sentence would stir so much laughter from folks. I'm going to have to do my best now to refrain from using those two words together. hahaha

Sunny said...

I get the same thing, darlin'! I'm a South Carolina Girl living in Manchester, England.

I can't understand a durn thang these heah people say. (and they say DITTO!)