Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Flights Up

I went downtown today towards City Hall to find the local school district office. Even though I had mailed my resume I wanted to go down there in person and fill out an application. I found the old historic building and parked about a block away. I began my trek to the building and after seeing a man in green and white striped pants sitting nearby I soon realized that the Sheriff's Correctional Facility was connected to the building I was about to go in. I came across two sets of double doors, one reading something about booking and the other reading the name of the building. I shot for the doors that had nothing to do with the Sheriff's department and walked into a large and very empty lobby.

Feeling very out of place I quickly began searching for the directory and found I needed the 3rd floor. Rather than take the elevator I opted for the stairs thinking it would be a healthy choice to hike rather than ride. Upon reaching the 3rd floor stairwell door I realized I was panting ridiculously from the climb and figured I would have a moment to compose myself in a hallway of some sort after exiting the stairwell. Wrong. As soon as I opened the door I found myself standing directly in front of the receptionist's desk with boxes all over the place. I walked in with a look of shock, I'm sure, not expecting to walk right into someone's personal office after exiting the stairs. I looked to the right and there was another prisoner in green and white striped pants emptying the floors garbage cans and spraying down counters. I quickly looked to the woman sitting behind the desk and between panting breaths I asked her if this was the district school office. Needless to say, I was in the right place despite it looking like a makeshift command post for juvenile detention offices.

I was pointed to a small desk in the corner where I was directed to fill out the BLUE application form. When I was finished I handed my application and resume to a blonde lady sitting behind the desk as the previous lady was MIA. As I looked around I noticed that the stairwell I had come up had a huge sign on it stating "Emergency Exit" so I decided I would make a quiet exit and take the elevator down. Feeling as though I stuck out like a sore thumb the skinny elevator doors finally opened and I stepped inside. I stood there staring into the office for what seemed like many awkward minutes waiting for the doors to close. The MIA lady came back to the front desk and asked the blonde, "Did she fill out the back of the form?" Uh, ya, still here, still hearing every word you say about me.

All I can say is that's the last time I try to be healthy and take the stairs. LOL

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